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Important Update!

I’ve removed my links below to the Grow Taller 4 Idiots product … It’s a load of rubbish!  I guess that makes me an idiot for buying it in the first place!

Initially I thought it was working, that’s why I rushed to put this site up … the advice sounded reasonably and my tape measure implied it was working … what I didn’t realise was that your height can be different slightly at different times of day, so when I was getting measured at different times of the day, it was giving me a false impression that I was getting taller!

So don’t buy Grow Taller 4 Idiots … you won’t grow taller, you’ll just waste your money like I did! (I should have asked for a refund but missed the deadline)

Now if you want to get taller to improve your sporting performance or for a similar reason, I can’t help you … you are simply going to have to improve your performance without any additional inches!

But … if like me, you want to be taller to improve your self confidence, I can recommend something that I bought recently … now you need to stay with me on this one …

I was searching through Google for self improvement products when I came across a product called “Conversational Hypnosis” … now don’t let the word “hypnosis” put you off!  Hear me out ..

I bought Conversational Hypnosis on impulse simply based on the testimonials for the product on the website … and I have to say, it was money well spent … it has given me a lot more confidence, and in particular I have become much better at talking to people, in the past I’d always been uncomfortable with small talk.  Now I can talk to strangers and make conversation, this skill has given me a massive confidence boost!

Now I’ve not hypnotised anyone (knowingly) yet, that’s not why I bought the product.  What I can now do though is use the skills I’ve learnt to influence the direction of a conversation, and as a manager that is a priceless skill.  I can now convince people that what I want them to do makes a lot of sense even if they don’t agree!  Not just in the workplace, but in all aspects of life … I’ve learnt to use conversation and body language to influence people to take the actions I want them to take, whether it be employees, relatives, the kids or … the opposite sex!

The product comes as a 16 hour audio course, and in pdf format … the audios are excellent … I have them loaded on my IPod and listen to them whenever I have chance …

If you want to really boost your self confidence, go take a look at Conversational Hypnosis … it is by far the best self improvement course I’ve ever come across, and as a corporate manager, I’ve been subjected to plenty …  in summary, if you’re short like me, there is not much you can do other than become a short person with more self esteem and confidence … this product has given me this !

Below is my original review of Grow Taller 4 Idiots …  when I wrote it I thought I had found a way of adding a couple of much need inches to my height … I was wrong … the book is rubbish!


increase height naturallyWell up until a few weeks ago I thought I’d be 5ft 6” forever, I’d given up hope of ever been taller, after all it’s a long time since I was a teenager, so the chances of a further growth spurt were a bit slim!

A few years ago I’d resigned myself to being this height, which is short for a man, and was quite happy with my lot in life.  But recently I’ve noticed that every generation are getting taller and taller, the kids at school are six feet tall by the time they’re fourteen, yet I thought all this modern processed convenience foods were meant to be bad for kids.  All I can say is it certainly seems to be making them grow!

To be honest, I can’t remember how I came across the course that gave me new found hope that I could actually still grow taller, even at my age.  I was searching for something and stumbled across it by accident. 

But as you can imagine, once I saw the claim that it could “make me taller” I was sold.  I just had to buy it there and then.  And having bought it in digital format, I sat and read it all the way through in one sitting!  I was intrigued and totally absorbed in its contents.  It promised to make me taller and I definitely wanted some of that!

So what course did I buy?  More to the point is it any good and have I grown since reading it?  These are the burning questions!

It’s called “Grow Taller 4 Idiots”.  Yep, it’s a crap title, and yes I still bought it such is my desire to be taller.  As for it’s contents, they’re a lot better than the title would have you expect, in fact the contents are excellent.  Have I grown, yes I believe I have, around half an inch.  I have not stuck to the exercises as advised in the book, but I do intend to in the next few months.  One of the reasons I’ve written this article is to inspire not just you, but also myself to do the exercises.  I’m mad at myself for not working harder, because they do appear to work.

Ok, so what exactly are the grow taller exercises promoted by the course?

Basically the exercises are designed to straighten the curvatures of your spine to add several inches to your height.  So in reality they are not making you grow, just straightening you up to add height. Most people according the course have poor spinal curvatures without knowing it.  Straightening your curvature can add inches to your height.  How much can they add?  Apparently with hard work and lots of dedication you could add as much as 4 inches or more.  I intend to find out in the next few weeks and months, though I’m sceptical that much can be added, although I’d think an inch or two is more realistic.

In order to get the maximum benefit from the exercises and grow taller stretches in the book, you have to be dedicated and follow the course’s general foundation.  The exercises and stretches need to become part of your daily routine to get the most from them.  How quickly can you add inches to your height.  Many people who have read the book claim to have gained two inches in 4 – 6 weeks, though from my own personal experience I have doubt they have added that much.


This book is rubbish!   Do NOT Buy!

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